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Detect this: You may be eligible for support with cost and coverage
Detect this: You may be eligible for support with cost and coverage

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ViiV Healthcare Patient Support Programs

If you and your doctor have decided that DOVATO is right for you, ViiVConnect can help. A trained ViiVConnect Access Coordinator will assist you every step of the way, providing comprehensive information, checking your coverage and savings eligibility, or finding assistance programs.


With the ViiVConnect Savings Card,* eligible patients may pay an average of $1 out of pocket per fill on DOVATO, compared to an average of $82 out of pocket for those not using a savings card.

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ViiVConnect can help you find out if you qualify for additional support, savings plans, and assistance programs.

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You may qualify to get your medications at no cost with the ViiV Healthcare Patient Assistance Program.*

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Subject to eligibility and program terms and conditions; ViiVConnect programs do not constitute health insurance.

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Call for real-time support

Need help? Talk one-on-one with a live, trained ViiVConnect Access Coordinator, who’s dedicated to helping you. Call 1-844-588-3288 (toll free). Hours: Monday – Friday, 8AM – 11PM (ET). Multilingual options available.